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420 AntiDōs Elixir

Quality Assurance

As the market continues to expand at this exciting pace, transparency of products is essential.

420 AntiDōs is committed to providing exceptional products with full disclosure to the testing results.

We invite you to review the 3rd party testing results below.


Using proprietary science based on our revolutionary, patent-pending formula, our technology allows for fast uptake and absorption of 420 AntiDōs into the upper gastrointestinal tract to accelerate the bio-availability of select, nature-based ingredients known to curb your high. As 420 AntiDōs is ingested, key receptor sites are triggered along the upper GI tract resulting in a fast-acting, soothing and calming effect. Our science allows for more efficient absorption into the soft palette and esophagus before entering your stomach which provides more efficient results.

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