Antidos Elixer

420 AntiDos Elixer

420 AntiDos is an invigorating, grounding elixir shown to stimulate your mind while relaxing your body. Our formula, with a blend of valerian root and vitamin b-12, re-aligns your balance back to center. The energy boost from the b-12 coupled with the anxiety reducing tendencies of valerian root, makes AntiDos a vital component to counteract possible overindulgences.

Per 60 mL unit

Base Composition (total weight 28g/ unit)

30 mg Hemp oil extract, Polysorbate – 80 (Calculated), Hemp Extract Oil (Calculated), Pistachio Oil (30 mg 1 to 1 with hemp oil extract), 200 mcg Vitamin B12, Valerian Extract oil (50 mg), Water (to 58g/ unit).

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Our patent-pending formula is designed for safe and natural relief from the symptoms of anxiety, lethargy, and mental discomfort associated with over-consumption of cannabis.

This package contains two handy 2-ounce “Elixirs” that are invigorating, grounding and shown to stimulate and refocus your mind while relaxing your body and quelling anxiety.

Our proprietary delivery system for 420 AntiDos is activated in the upper GI tract before entering the lower digestive system. This accelerated absorption science allows for rapid molecular diffusion across the epithelium and quickly into the bloodstream. You’ll become calm and focused within a few minutes.

Made with a blend of Valerian Root and Vitamin b-12, our formula re-aligns and calms you. Within minutes you will experience a relaxing and focused ‘return to center.’ The natural energy boost from Vitamin b-12 coupled with the anxiety-reducing tendencies of Valerian Root makes 420 AntiDos a vital component to counteract possible over-indulgences of THC

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